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Project Description
eSyllabus is designed to be a server-based syllabus distribution, assignment tracking and course scheduling tool. Currently it is undergoing initial development, including database IO design, and expected outcome of this project is a functional demo of the eSyllabus that operates on a local SQL database.

We are aiming at making syllabus distribution as easy as possible and let students be able to track their classes, assignments and upcoming quizzes/exams in real time. Features like announcements, IM and GPA tracking are in the backlog as well.

Currently project is still in early stages of development.

Current Design Specifications

Developer Notes
Before you start coding, please make sure you read this:
SQL to LINQ Mapping (MSDN).

libSyllabus Description
This is our core library, we place all the database IO and calculation code in here.
This way, even if we decide to create a server side of the project, we will only need to reference this dll. Unless we decide to host our server side on a Unix server, of course.

eSyllabusDemo Description
This is our demo project itself, UI, graphics and some project-specific calculations are to be placed here.

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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